Roland Juno Gi

Roland JUNO-Gi harga: Rp,5.000.000

Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity)

Maximum Polyphony 128 voices

Parts – Live Set (4 layers) + 16 parts

Wave Memory 128 MB (16-bit linear equivalent)

Preset Memory Live Set: 1,379, Tone: 788 + 256 (GM2), Rhythm Set: 14 + 9 (GM2)

User Memory Live Set: 256, Favorite: 100

Effects Multi-Effects: 2 systems, 79 types, Chorus: 3 types, Reverb: 5 types (Digital Recorder Section)

Tracks Track: 8, V-Track: 64

8 V-Tracks per each Track with up to 2-track simultaneous recording and up to 8-track playback

Maximum Number of Songs 99

Memory Capacity – SD memory card: supports SDHC cards to a maximum of 32 GB

Sample Rate 44.1kHz

Nominal Input Level: Line Input jacks: -10 dBu; Guitar/Mic Input Jack: Guitar: -20 dBu; MIC: -40 dBu

Insert Effects: 3 banks (Guitar, Mic, Line). Mastering Tool Kit, Reverb (USB Memory Song Player Section)

File Format Audio File: WAV, AIFF, MP3

Standard MIDI File: format-0/1

Number Of Songs: 99 Songs

External Memory USB memory: Supports USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Flash Memory (Sold Separately)

Rhythm Pattern Preset: 371, User: 99, Song (Digital Recorder): 99

Arpeggiator – Preset: 128, User: 64

Chord Memory Preset: 17

Controllers – Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever, D Beam Controller, S1/S2 Buttons, Sound Modify Knob x 6

Display 240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)

External Memory SD/SDHC Card

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